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DIEM25, PSR, shared document.

Europe and the entire World is at a crossroads today.
The Covid-19 crisis showed us how divided our society is. It showed us the lack of solidarity and the divide within our society between the poor and the priviledged. Whilst some afforded to comfortably stay home in quarantine, most struggled to provide labour for society to function. These people have not even been awarded with basic necessities for survival, often losing their jobs. Each nation fought for itself, and while the rich countries fought to preserve their power, the poor nations were left alone to face the slaughter of the pandemic – a sorrow image of what has become of European solidarity and unity.
Yet this crisis is just unfolding, and together with the Ecological crisis, the economic and social disasters that are building up, ready to explode, they can throw Humanity in collapse and put our very existence and survival on Planet Earth in clear peril.
We are in a critical moment that requires extraordinary courage and will for a new vision beyond Capitalism and beyond exploitation and inequality. For a new society where the human rights and dignity are above the rights of the market, above privileges and above the divide of race, nation, class, or any other that impeds the rights and responsabilities that should be equal for all.
It is this moment that calls us to join forces, to embrace in determination for the mission we have ahead, the fight for every human being and life on this planet.
It is a call not only for the Left, but for everyone, cause we can face this challenges only together. We cannot tackle economic & social crisis and environment collapse as separate nations or separate priviledged groups anymore, hidden behind walls and fences, behind guns and armies. We will prevail together or fall together as Humanity!

As part of this call, we want to salute and pledge our solidarity and support to the Revolutionary forces from Croatia – the Workers’ Front and their Green-Left Coalition.
This weekend they will present to the people of Croatia a courageous vision beyond Capitalism, for a Democratic Socialism to place the citizens interests and welbeing above the free market, above national divide and militarization.
Together for the People!

DiEM25 Romania
PSR – Romanian Socialist Party (Party of the European Left)

M25 Romania
PSR – Romanian Socialist Party (Party of the European Left)


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